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初二教案 第586期

初二16-17年第45期总第586期教案Countries cut off Qatar (P2)Pre-readingHave you ever broken off a friendship?     If yes, what was your reason? While readingChoose the answer:1. What does the underlined phrase “cut ties” in the first paragraph mean?A. cut something into piecesB. build friendshipC. break off relationsD. start war  2. What is Islamic State?A. It is a new country in the Middle East.B. It is an oil company in Qatar.C. It is a funder of the UN.D. It is a terrorist group.  3. What is the main idea of the third paragraph? A. Qatar is said to support the terrorist groups. B. The nine countries hate Qatar.C. What Qatar has done to Islamic State.D. Nine countries had a fight with Qatar. 4. What does the UN ask those countries to do? A. To support Qatar like Turkey and Iran.B. To provide Qatar with food and water.C. To ask help from the UN.D. To cooperate and overcome their differences. Word in use Joe and Lillian used to have close _____. They went to school together, had lunch together and ______ each other in all activities. However, to our great surprise, they_______ with each other last month. Nobody knew what had happened. But it's easy to tell that it had a great ______ on both of them.  Post-readingDiscussion:What do you think is the best way to solve problems between friends ? Climbing beyond your fears (P4) Pre-readingDo you know what they are doing? bungee jumpingsnowboardingextreme sportsskateboardingsurfing Have you heard of any other extreme sports?  Why do you think people enjoy them so much? While readingChoose the answer:1. From the first paragraph, we know that rock climbing _____.A. is an easy sportB. is fit for any adultC. needs strength and courageD. doesn't need techniques 2. Which of the following about Alex Honnold is NOT true?A. He is a 31-year-old US climber.B. He loves rock climbing very much. C. He climbed a cliff without ropes and a harness.D. He died when climbing a 914-meter-high cliff.  3. According to Alex Honnold, most people do rock climbing to _____.A. build strength B. keep fitC. develop problem solving skillsD. become strong-hearted 4. What does the story mainly talk about?A. A well-known climber.B. Why people like rock climbing.C. How to do rock climbing.D. Safety rules of rock climbing. Word in use用所给词的适当形式填空。stare at,overcome,take a deep breath,deal with1.  If you feel nervous, you can ________ before you start.  2.  _________  a math problem needs careful thinking and calculation. 3.  It is impolite to _______ someone for a long time.4.  He performed better on the stage, because he _________ his shyness this time. Post-readingWhat other ways can you think of to overcome fears?Sleep to stay smart (P6) Pre-reading1. Why do we need to sleep? 2. What happens if we don't have enough sleep? While readingChoose the answer:1. What will happen when you have long-term sleep loss?A. You will be able to stay up late forever. B. You will feel very tired.C. Your brain loses energy.D. Your brain will become smaller. 2. When the mice were not allowed to sleep, their _____became more active.A. astrocytes   B. synapses   C. broken cells    D. nerve cells   3. Which is TRUE about the study?A. Michele Bellesi and a team of scientists did it in Egypt.B. Scientists compared the brain shapes of the two groups of mice. C. Old cells are important for learning and memory.D. Astrocytes eat parts of synapses because of sleep loss. 4. What can we learn from the last two paragraphs?A. It's good to have the habit of sleeping less. B. Synapses are not important for the brain, just like old furniture. C. The “eating” might not be good in the long term.D. Sleeping too much may cause Alzheimer’s disease. Word in useFill in the blanks.1. Dean always ______  his own dressing style to those of his friends.2. She was half  _____ when she heard a noise outside her room at night.3. We shouldn't pay much  ______ to failure itself but what we can learn from it. 4. The audience is not ______ to smoke or take photos during the performance. Post-readingMake a poster for World Sleep Day.The next World Sleep Day will be held on March 16, 2018. Work with your group members and make a poster to remind people of the importance of sleep.答案解析P21.C。由第2段第一句 “Nine countries have broken off relations with Qatar ”可知。2. D。由第3段最后1句 “They said Qatar had been giving money to Islamic State, one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist groups ”可知。3. A。由第3段整体叙述可知,其它国家都在指责Qatar支持恐怖组织。如用到 “support” 或 “giving money to”,由此可知。4. D。由最后1段最后一句“The United Nations has asked the countries in the region to work together and overcome their differences. ”可知。P41. C。 由第1段最后1句“You try to forget about the pain and the fear until you reach the top”可知2. D。由第3段最后1句 “If he slipped and fell, he would have died”可知。这是一种假设情况,而非真实发生。3. D。由最后一段第1句引号中Honnold所说 “I think the sport makes you very powerful on the inside” 可知。4. B。由最后2段描述 “It is a great way to build strength and stretch your body” 和“...also helps you develop your problem solving skills ”及“the sport makes you very powerful on the inside,” 可知。P61.B。 由第1段第1、2句及最后1句可知。2. A。 由 第4段第1句 “They found that astrocytes in the mice’s brains were more active when they were not allowed to sleep” 可知。3. D。 由第5段最后1句 “ parts of synapses are literally eaten by astrocytes because of sleep loss,”可知。4. C。由最后1段第2句 “But it may cause long-term harm, ” 可知。

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