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初一教案 第586期

第45/586期初一教案By Tang Hongmei Sports helps me learn (P3) I. Pre-readingDo the girls in your school like playing basketball like boys?What’s the difference between basketball and netball? II. While ReadingChoose the answer: 1. Which is NOT true about netball?A. It's a very popular game in Australia.B. It's a popular game among boys.C. Playing netball is much like playing basketball.D. Each team needs seven players on the field. 2. What was the writer’s job during the final round this month?A. The defender.B. The attacker.C. The team leader.D. The teacher. 3. What did the writer do wrong in the game?A. She didn’t see the ball coming her way.B. She forgot how to play the game.C. She passed the ball to the other team.D. She didn’t put teamwork first. 4. What did the writer learn from that game?A. Pay full attention and do your job well.B. Working as a team is the best way to play.C. Don’t be afraid to get hurt during a game.D. Losing a game is not losing face. III. Words in useFill in the blanks:1. ________ (结果),he had to go to school on foot.2. Good _________ (团队精神) is important to have when you play a team sport.3. Some battles you ____ (赢), some battles you lose.4. We’ll teach you how to _______(投篮). IV. Post-readingWhy is team work important?How do you work with your teammates in a team?  Musicals can be wickedly fun (P4) I. Pre-readingHave you ever seen a musical at a theater? Are musicals popular in China? II. While readingChoose the answer: 1. What is TRUE about the musical Wicked?A. There was a witch with green skin.B. The witch used her clothes to cast spells.C. The writer watched it in England.D. The performers were from Beijing. 2. In a musical, _____.a. there is always a witchb. people perform live on a stage c. a band makes all the musicd. performers do the same thing as movie actors  A. ab   B. bc   C. cd   D. ad 3. From the fourth paragraph, we know that _____. A.people try hard to watch musicalsB. people dress badly to see a musicalC. expensive tickets make a musical unpopularD. Broadway and West End are not good places to see musicals 4. We know from the story that The Phantom of the Opera _____.A. first showed at West End theaterB. has been running for about 30 yearsC. tells a story about BroadwayD. has come to every theater around the world     III. Words in use根据中文提示完成下列句子:1. 冻雨变成雪花的模样。   When you freeze water it can ______ ice.2. 成百上千的人每年来到这里。   You do not need to _________ for dinner. 3. 这趟火车除了周六外每个晚上都运行。    The train runs every night of the week _____ Saturdays.4. 由于战争,他不得不离开家乡。    He had to leave his hometown________ the war. IV. Post-readingThe Phantom of the Opera is well known all over the world. Do you know the plot?  Plane’s unusual job (P6) I. Pre-readingWhat plane is the largest one in the world?What does it look like?What is it used for? II. While reading Choose the answer: 1. How long is the wingspan of the new plane?A. 230 meters.B. 250 meters.C. 117 meters. D. 10,000 meters. 2. What will people use the Stratolaunch plane for?A. Moving heavy things to other countries. B. Carrying people for travel.C. Carrying rockets into the sky to fire.D. Helping with giving fuel to other planes.  3. Which of the following is TRUE about the Stratolaunch plane?A. It uses more fuel to send rockets.B. The plane is ready to fly now. C. The plane is cheap and easy to make. D. People are still doing tests on it. III. Words in use根据首字母提示完成下列句子:1. These buses will c_____ kids to visit their new school.2. Interviews need not last l_____ than about an hours. 3. Three planes were standing on the tarmac, waiting to t____  off. 4. Let me explain my ideas to you in another w____. IV. Post-readingNow, rockets are fired into space from the ground. The Stratolaunch is designed to carry a rocket around 10,000 meters high up into the sky.Can you find out its advantages?   参考答案及解析【P3】II. 1. B。由第一段第二句The players are often girls可知,是在女孩中很受欢迎而非boys,其余三个选项在本文第一段都能找到相应陈述,是正确的,所以选择B。2. A。根据文中二三段中The final round happened this month.  I was the defender 可知,作者担当的是后卫defender,所以选A。3. D。根据第3段I almost forgot my job…our team leader told …you should work with your teammates”中提到,team leader提醒了作者要和队员合作才能赢得比赛,可知作者在这方面做的不好,所以选D。4. B。从文章最后一段The game made me understand the importance of teamwork and team spirit可知,通过这次比赛作者明白了团队合作的重要,所以选B。III. 1. As a result2. team spirit  3. win4. shoot【P4】II. 1. A。根据文中第1段可知,A选项正确,B中用的不是clothes而是wand,C中是Beijing而非England, D中表演者来自England而非Beijing,所以选A。2. B。根据文章第2段Musicals…people perform them live on a stage... A band…makes all the sounds for the musical可知,bc两项相符,B正确。3. A。根据本段可知,每有新音乐剧演出,大家盛装观看演出。因为大家都想去看,使得购票困难票价高。正因此,像Broadway&West End等地方的演出更难得一观。所以A正确。4. B。由文中It first showed on Broadway in 1988 and is still running today可知,从1988年开始至今该歌剧已经上演了30来年了,所以选B。III. 1. turn into  2. dress up  3. except     4. because of       【P6】II. 1. C。根据第1段It has a wingspan of 117 meters可知,C正确。2. C。根据第3段it doesn’t carry people. It carries rockets  instead可知,Stratolaunch不是用来运载人或货物,而是用于运载火箭,所以选C。3. D。最后两段可知,Stratolaunch用的燃料更少,它还需要经过很多测试,如果一切顺利,2019方可使用,因此D正确。III. 1. carry2. longer   3. take   4. way

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